Meet Our Team

Say hello to the fun people behind Steamster!

Our experienced team has founded and built companies with 15M+ users, $150M+ Capital Raised, and achieved $1B+ in Market Cap.

Jeff Ponders II

Co-Founder & CEO

Dave Webber

Co-Founder & CTO

Bill Hamway

Head of Product

Polly Siecinski

Head of Curriculum

Ian DesJardins

Sr. Developer


Think you have the passion and fire it takes to build a startup changing the future of education? Email us and tell us why you're the right fit and how you want to contribute.

Our Company Values

World changing companies are built on shared vision and values.

Learn how we make decisions that guide us in building the future of education.

Learning is a lifestyle.

We believe learning is a daily practice, not just something for kids.

Do what you love.

When you love something, you put extra magic into it. Let your passion help fuel your efforts.

You’ll see it when you believe it.

Everything starts as a thought. We trust ourselves and each other to bring imagination to life.

Do the right thing.

There's never a wrong time to do the right thing. It's always the best course of action.

Work out loud.

Some folks say silence is golden. We say sing while you work. Vocalized ideas and a little melody here and there go a long way to sparking innovation and creativity.

We are the they.

We don't wait for "someone else" to do it. See the problem, fix the problem. Period.

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